I have no idea what an Australian might do for that sort of money.

On Wednesday 12/7/11 I sat down in front of my tv and watched my first blu ray on my new home theatre system. This review is the first of 135 things to be crossed off my list.

  1. Title
    The King’s Speech
  2. Genre
  3. Synopsis

    A story about King George VI (Bertie), the father of Queen Elizabeth II, who struggles to overcome his speech impediment, while being thrust into Kingly duties when his brother abdicates the throne. Bertie engages the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue from Australia. The story comes to a climax when Bertie has to deliver a faultless speech via radio broadcast announcing Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939.
  4. Awards
    Took home 4/12 Oscar nominations. Also nominated for a heap of other awards too.
  5. Director
    Tom Hooper
  6. Cast
    Colin Firth…King George VI
    Helena Bonham Carter…Queen Elizabeth
    Geoffrey Rush…Lionel Logue
    Guy Pearce…King Edward VIII
  7. Dates
    Release…6 September 2010 USA
    Made…November 2009-Janurary 2010
  8. Locations
    Filmed and set in England, UK
  9. Quoteable quotes
    Lionel Logue: Would I lie to a prince in the realm to win twelve pennies?
    King George VI: I have no idea what an Australian might do for that sort of money.
    King George VI: David? I’ve been trying to see you.
    King Edward VIII: I’ve been terribly busy.
    King George VI: Doing what?
    King Edward VIII: Kinging.
  10. Favourite Scene
    St. Edward’s Chair Scene from The King’s Speech Movie (2010) | MOVIECLIPS
  11. When/where/with
    On a Wednesday evening I curled up with my hottie infront of my new tv.
  12. Possibility of re-watching it
    Yes, but it would not be the first movie I would go to.
  13. Special Features
    An interview with the grandson of the real Lionel Logue (was a bugger they didn’t feature a single photo of the real Logue though)
  14. Notes and Opinions
    Overall I really enjoyed this film, the cast was great (I may be a little biased as I tend to enjoy Geoffrey Rush’s performances and it begs me to wonder if its because he is so phenomenal or also a bit because he is Aussie). The time period is one of my favourites to watch and learn about (stems from the swing dancing addiction).
    I was intrigued by the short interview with Mark Logue, Lionel’s real grandson, he talked about never finding out this information from his father and now his father and grandparents have all passed on and he was left in a vacuum. All the information they had to offer was gone, it made me think of my family and my grandparents (or lack thereof) and wanting to know their story… glad its my #23.
  15. Nic Sticks

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