Hollywood will f*** you when no-one else will

We have a flop!

  1. Title
    The Black Dahlia
  2. Genre
  3. Synopsis

    Set in 1946 two LA cops Dwight “Bucky” Bleichert and Lee Blanchard are close mates and partners. As Bucky and Lee get close, they form a love triangle with Lee’s girlfriend Kay Lake. The corpse of an aspiring actress, ‘Elizabeth Short’, is found mutilated, Lee becomes obsessed about solving the case. While Bucky’s investigation turns to a woman who resembles the Black Dahlia (what the case was called by the press); Madeleine Linscott who is the daughter of a powerful and wealthy constructor. Bucky soon start to uncover corruption and conspiracy within the police department and realise that Madeleine had ties to the deceased.
  4. Awards
    8 nominations – 1 win (no it was for Scarlett’s hair)
  5. Director 
    Brian De Palma
  6. Cast
    Josh Hartnett … Dwight “Bucky” Bleichert
    Scarlett Johansson … Kay Lake
    Aaron Eckhart … Lee Blanchard
    Hilary Swank … Madeleine Linscott
  7. Dates
    Release …15 September 2006 USA
    Made … April 2005
    Set … 1946
  8. Locations
    Filmed and set in Los Angeles, CA (except for a little bit in Sofia, Bulgaria)
  9. Quoteable quotes
    Russ Millard: Hollywood will fuck you when no-one else will.
    Madeleine Linscott: (To Bucky) I think you’d rather fuck me than kill me, but you don’t have the guts to do either.
  10. Favourite Scene

    Kay and Bucky got it on over the kitchen table, and there is nothing better than doing it in the dinning room. There was another scene where these two had a fight when Bucky found the dough in the bathroom, but it isn’t as visually stimulating as the still from this scene.

    Fight scene – John Hartnett half naked. Enough said.
  11. When/where/with
    Boxing day was my third day off in a row and I’d just got back from Arizona and I had just finished watching Swing Kids instead of going dancing.
  12. Possibility of re-watching it
  13. Special Features
  14. Notes and Opinions
    Rubbish. This films saving grace is that the cast is so attractive and it was set in an amazing era. Johansson carried the film, not from her incredible acting, but her beautiful hair, without it I would not have kept looking back at the tv. From the start I was not drawn into the film and found myself on facebook and chat. I was slightly interested in 3/4 of the way through when there was a fight scene between Bucky and Kay, then it was back to more interesting things like the chocolate I got for Christmas.
  15. Nic Sticks
    0.5/5 – It got .25 for the cast and .25 for the time period and setting.

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