All she wants to do is dance

Number 8 on my list requires some planning. Herräng Dance Camp is an epic 5 week long camp held in a quaint little town, north of Stockholm, by the Gulf of Bothnia. This year will be its 30th year running, at which over a thousand of dancers will attend; it is the largest dance camp in the world.

At 1pm on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 registrations for the camp opened. I had heard that it’s pretty insane and sells out rather fast, so like the time I purchased Coachella tickets, I was on my mac ready to go. The rumors were true, so many people logged on to register at exactly that time, the server was flooded and the system crashed. Woops! After a good 45mins of me trying to calm my nerves…

“Would I get a spot?”

“Will I get it the week I want?”

“Will it be sold out?”  etc etc etc.

The website opened again and I was able to register. Win! Minor problem I was 18th on the waitlist, even after sitting by my mac anticipating the opening of the registration. These people before me must be some kind of ninjas to snap up spots so quickly.

Since then I have been checking back to see that I secure my spot, the camp tries to balance each class with equal follows and leads, so they will accept the leads first then offer a place to the follows.

On January 4th I had 11 follows in front of me

On January 5th it went from 9 follows in front of me to 1 sole follow.

Right now there is just that one follow left in front of me. Hurry up already.

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