Dance for yourself, if someone understands good. If not then no matter, go right on doing what you love.

Almost a month in the making, the filming project that I birthed on Thursday 26 January, is now a full-grown adult!

“Shit Lindy Hoppers Say” popped into my head while watching dancers one Thursday night at Lindy Groove. That evening I invited a mate to help me bring to life my idea. A few days after I blogged about the brainstorm I had.

Raising this baby has been a roller coaster of emotions, as raising any baby would be. The best way I know how to explain it is like this… Having the idea was like giving birth to a baby, it comes into the world and then I have to share it with other people to be able to raise it. (I’m no single mum people!) So I pick and choose the people with whom I would like the responsibility of raising my baby with. This baby is no longer just mine. With them also comes all their opinions and ideas on how best to raise the child I gave birth to. What do you do when the people you choose have different ideals than you? It’s hard to give up something that you love. I’ve heard that sometimes you have great ideas, but not all of them will make it. So on occasion, you just have to kill your babies. Well I’m not ready for death. Joint custody was my only option.

Does the baby turn out totally the way you want? No. Is it what you had envisioned when you gave birth to the idea? No. But is the baby still good? Yes. And honestly, do our children ever really grow up to what we want them to be?

After doing this project it makes me more aware that when I make a film, I tend not to make it for the audience but for myself. I don’t care what the audience wants or what would be received well. I make a project because it resonates within me and not everyone is like this.

This being said, I’m stumped about whether or not I cross #7 off my list now?

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