Far from home, all alone, but we’re so happy

Music makes me happy; live music makes me even happier still. On my 24th birthday this year I promised myself I would have a year rich in experiences. Many of the experiences that I have enjoyed the most were being able to see some amazing live music so when I heard one of my favourite bands were doing their first US tour, I was on it.

Of Monsters and Men are an Icelandic folk band, whom I’m addicted too. They recently played two concerts at the Troubadour, a great intimate venue in Los Angeles. Apparently I wasn’t as “on it” as I had thought. When I went online to get tickets – they were sold out. Spewing. However some of the best concerts I have been too I went even though I had no ticket and they were sold out.

Their first night I was working so wasn’t able to go regardless, but come hell or high water I was going to make it to the second night. The stars aligned and, by chance, I met Nanna and Kristján, the singer and bassist before the first concert. They were so lovely! I discussed with them how bummed I was that their shows were all sold out… Then my mate gave me a kick up the bum.

“I thought this was your year of reckless abandon?!”

He made me go back to them and ask if we could be put on the guest list. As my Mum has always said “you don’t ask, you don’t get”. And what do you know, they put me and a +1 on the guest list for the next night. Absolute win!

Night two of their shows rolls around and my mate who egged me on came with me. We were given free VIP passes to the deck. Pretty amazing. I was a little ill and delirious at this point but none the less the band were insane. If you like Mumford and Sons or Arcade Fire you should take a listen to these guys, they have a great organic folk eccentricity. You may have heard one of their songs which has already got a fair amount of air time in the US, Little Talks. On April 3 they released an album in the US called My Head Is An Animal and it is available on Itunes for your listening pleasure. This is one of those great bands who sing and play for the love of it. They feel gritty and real. Listening to them live sounds exactly the same, if not better than their recordings. In today’s world of music, that is something I tip my hat to.

2 thoughts on “Far from home, all alone, but we’re so happy

  1. I love of Monsters and Men and the Troubador! How cool that you made it happen even though the show was sold out. No doubt that when you really want something and go for it, it has a way of working out somehow.

    • Love that you share my enthusiasm for the band, they were amazing! Indeed, you are so right, when you want something and go for it, things always have a way of working out. I had a gander at your blog, best of luck with your year of adventure!

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