What we do in life echoes in eternity

Gladiators, are you ready?!

I’m 18 days away from completing #21. I feel like I’m almost Gladiator ready. Today I thought it might be a good idea to actually see how close I am to being “Gladiator ready”, so I checked out the website and this is what it said about training:

Quality advice. Minor detail that this is a blog of reckless abandon, so what kind of reckless abandoning would I be doing if I actually trained for the event? None. So I haven’t trained. Right on track, where I should be.

Ok, to be truly honest; I did train for a few weeks, a few weeks ago… and then life happened. I was in NYC last weekend and thought I’d go for a run while I was there, however The Meatball Shop and other such restaurants were much more enticing. Maybe this weekend while I am there I will endeavor to take a run over the Brooklyn Bridge. I did go on a meander up Runyon Canyon last week, but it was more of a social catch up than a real workout.

Generally the most important question you have to ask yourself in life is “Why?”

All of these are great reasons that are inline with my year of reckless abandon. My biggest “why” goes back two years ago, when I first heard about the event; some of my mates did it and had an exceptionally dirty and fun time. I love getting dirty and having fun. Ever since then I have wanted to do the Rock n’ Run and have shared my plan with my friends. I can’t go back on my word about completing it; although I’m not even entirely sure what “it” entails or if I’m fully prepared and fit for it. Ignorance is bliss… right? Either way I’ll take the wonderful quote another mate recently shared with me:

You don’t use life to train for the Gladiator Rock n’ Run. You use the Gladiator Rock n’ Run to train for life.

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