Living in today, writing about yesterday

It has been an uber long time since I posted anything. Life these past few months have been a little crazy! I have crossed things off my list, although it is quite clear that I won’t do everything. I had thought, with 100% conviction, that I would. Anybody with their head on straight would have seen #3 (Save $10,000) and #5 (Visit 3 new countries) in the same list and realised that while it is possible, it is also highly unlikely. Many friends told me so, but I chose to disregard their advice. On the flip-side, if it wasn’t on my list, would I have saved as much as I have this year?

Even though I have had plenty of time to write and post, while sitting on airplanes or chilling in NYC I have always managed to find a reason not too. It is now time that I start post again! If I don’t, come November I will be locked to my computer trying to record all my experiences from this year as I ticked things off my list.

While I was running this week I saw this old man. He was creating a beautiful painting of a busy NYC intersection through his eyes. On such a hectic intersection was a bubble of peace where he was focused on perfecting his vision. The best part – this isn’t the first time I have seen him painting here. Such a lovely reminder to enjoy the journey of life; we can find peace and focus amidst the disorder of life.

So stay tuned!

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