Where the hell’s Fiji? Near Florida?

Everyone needs an island holiday at least once a year. Nothing competes with the sweet dream of laying on a beach sipping piña coladas while basking in the sun, only to be interspersed with swimming amongst colourful fishes in crystal clear water. Earlier this year I had to book flights home, to Australia, whilst looking I found that Air Pacific flies Los Angeles to Brisbane, via Fiji. Sweet delight!! There was my island holiday vision again – piña coladas, sunshine, colourful fishes, and crystal clear water. One of my favorite travelling partners is my brother, so after visiting him and the rest of the family back home, he jumped on a plane with me to Fiji for a few days of sunshine, or so we thought…

The Fijian sunshine did not greet us as I had envisioned, sub in thunderstorms and the greyest skies you have ever seen. This wasn’t supposed to happen! We took a small little tinnie to Beachcomber Island Resort from the main boat, I was surprised the tinnie even made it through the rain. Unfortunately my bags did not make it. They were left on the first boat and I did not get them back until just before dinner. It wasn’t so bad while it was overcast, but then the beautiful sunshine finally came out and I had no togs to wear.

There are random things that can really only be learnt on a small sand island, and other shenanigans you must experience on this type of holiday.

5 things you must do on an island holiday

1. Crack open a coconut with your bare hands. The locals gave a small demonstration on how to crack open a coconut, it didn’t look too hard so I took one on. I successfully broke it open on my first try. Unfortunately I did break a hose in the process, and loose 90% of the coconut milk when I cracked it open. But I did it!

2. Have a photo montage with a starfish. We were able to go snorkeling straight off the beach where the starfish were just waiting to be found and photographed.

3. Succumb to food poisoning. My stomach can be compared to a garbage disposal; I can, and do eat, anything and everything. However this cast-iron gut came into trouble in Fiji, I got struck with a bout of food poisoning. Thankfully it wasn’t too terrible, and I won’t share any of the delightful details with you, but there were others on the island who got hit harder than me. I continued to eat like a machine in an attempt to harden up my body, it worked a treat.

4. Swim in crystal clear waters with colourful fish. Beachcomber Island Resort is located in the Mamanuca Islands. There are small reefs everywhere just waiting to be explored. During my brother and I’s stay we went snorkeling off the beach, but some of the best snorkeling was when we took a boat a few minutes out into the water.

5. Experience a double sunset. On our last evening in Fiji my brother and I relaxed by the fresh water pool while the sun started to set. If you have never experienced a double sunset before, although it is a short event, I highly recommend it. First you need to decide what kind of double sunset you want to see, over water or the city. I prefer over the water, but the most important factor in a double sunset is being in a place where you can quickly move to a higher ground and still see the sun set.

We chose to kneel by the water’s edge, then once the sun had completely set, we legged it up the little hill and up on top of the pools edge, we saw the sun set again.

My short time in Fiji with my brother was exceptionally relaxing, memorable and productive. I was able to complete 1/3 of one of my 25 items. English is not the native language in Fiji, nor have a I been there before, thus fulfilling the criteria of #5 on my list. Two more countries to go! Thanks brother, for coming on this adventure with me, I love you more than words can say.

Stay tuned for a movie of the crazy Fijian shenanigans.

51 thoughts on “Where the hell’s Fiji? Near Florida?

    • You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed it. I highly recommend visiting Fiji, it is the most relaxing destination I have been to in a while. When you go, make sure you go and lay on the beach during the middle of the night. The stars are so bright out there.

  1. Great photos, looks like you had a lot of fun. As for coconuts, they are my favourite and on holiday in Mozambique we had the milk for breakfast and then ate the flesh of several coconuts during the course of each day. I think I could live on coconuts alone 🙂

    • I agree, I too could live on coconuts, they are delicious! It is also really gratifying when you crack one open for yourself, I was so proud. How long were you in Mozambique for? I would love to have an adventure there.

  2. Well I hope it was a vacation – not one of those, “what’s next on the list” – they look like you had fun with stuff..

    • It certainly was a proper holiday! Some quality, well needed, down time with my brother. I’ve also holidayed in Europe just recently and I am writing about that now.

    • Do go!! Fiji was absolutely sensational. For the underwater pictures I used my brothers camera, I believe it was an Olympus Tough
      TG-810. Olympus Tough cameras are so much fun you can throw them in the sand, then in the water and they keep working. However for regular photos, not in water, I recommend Cannon every time. Currently I have a point and shoot, Powershot SX260 HS but I would love to get a SLR in the near future.

      • Thanks I’ll have to check that camera out! Sounds like a good idea! As well as checking out fiji 😀

  3. We stayed on Fiji’s main island at the Hilton for one night and unfortunately wasn’t too impressed. I’m sure if we had had time to visit one of the outer islands it would have been a far better experience. The water we encountered was rather murky and filled with plant debris. Glad you had a good time though, great pictures! I like how you use the word ‘togs’. Nobody ever understands what I’m saying when I use my down under terms!

    • Such a shame you didn’t have a magical Fiji experience. You’re right, from what I know and have heard, the best holidays in Fiji are going out onto the little Islands, away from the main land. I hope you get back there one day!

  4. I love it! Too bad about the food poisoning, but it happens to everyone at some stage! Great photos with the starfish and the double sunset. Very cool. Have never actually “been” to Fiji. We stopped on our way to NZ a couple times, but never left the airport! I wanted to go a number of years ago – flights and fun fully booked, but it was not meant to be as a blood clot from a skiing accident meant I couldn’t fly! Too bad really – if you have to be stuck on the couch, why not on a stunning beach in Fiji!!! (Ok – so a DVT is serious, but so is missing your perfectly planned Fijian holiday!!!)

    • Oh no! That blows you were not able to go! Hope you are well and fully recovered from the blood clot now. Sounds like you were having a great adventure skiing though, were you skiing in NZ?

  5. how amazing it must be to be able to travel… that is my dream, but right now I am awake. boo.

    The star fish is so amazing. I have never heard of a double sunset, except in maybe sci-fi movies where there is two suns. so I will have to try that one time!

  6. Lovely! I flew Fiji air when I was moving to Australia and they offered a free stop there. What better way to break up a 24 hr flight (NY->Sydney) than a short island vaca?

    I also ran into some hurdles, weather prevented me from a mountain hike, time disallowed for more than a two day visit but overall it was a pleasant beautiful experience. And all those “troubles” and believe me, I haven’t truly visited a place until I’ve puked my guts out from food poisoning, been given oxygen for altitude sick sickness or gotten second degree sun burns.

    Glad you had a good time, wish I had a go-to travel companion like you. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pics! (isnt the snorkeling there amazing!)

    • I flew Air Pacific and while it was great to have the Fijian holiday, the airline itself left a little to be desired. It is very old and rundown. Next time I go back to Australia I will fly Virgin or Qantas. This is such a first world problem though! I would take the flight all over again just to have the Fijian holiday.
      I saw your blog and it seems like you also travel alot too, props!

  7. Loved reading the blog. As much as I love to travel (been to 16 countries & 4 continents), travel blogs aren’t always enjoyable to read. For whatever reason, yours def. was! The island thing reminded me of my time living in St. Lucia. Also reminded me of when I was flying from L.A. to Sydney (via Auckland). Watching the interactive flight map and passing over all of those obscure islands out in the Pacific. Kinda wanted to stop and visit all those islands too. One day, God willing………………………………….

    • Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed reading. Living in St Lucia must have been amazing!! I’m sure you will get to some little remote islands one day – just have to put it out into the universe!

    • I had that same fear too!! If you go I definitely recommend Beachcomber Resort, it is known as “The Party Island”. The other island I looked into was Manta Ray Resort. It looked like it was single/non-honeymooner friendly, but we ended up choosing to stay on one island for the duration of our holiday.

  8. I had to laugh at the title. A few months back I was discussing my (then) forthcoming holiday in Niue at the hairdressers. One of them, who comes from Malaysia, was asking questions and making comments that I thought were a little odd. It was only when he mentioned fiords that I realised he thought I was going to Norway!

  9. Fabulous pix – thanks for sharing. Especially love the blue starfish – I saw similar in Rarotonga earlier this year. Something that really shouts ‘you’re in the tropics…’ Cool.

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