Living life on “Fiji time”

Whilst on Fiji I learnt the wonderful term “Fiji Time”. It took me a good day to come around to the philosophy.

When my brother and I got off the boat at Beachcomber in Fiji, my bags did not come with me; instead they stayed on the boat and went up around the most Northern Islands. My precious togs were safely zipped up inside my bag. Having no togs wasn’t a problem when the rain was pounding down, but when the beautiful Fijian sunshine came out, I was ready to flip my lid. To make matters worse the dragons who were at the reception (I later discovered they were sweet angels, and it was I who was the fire-breather) kept telling me it would be here “soon”. Soon came and went numerous times, without any togs. In the end a sweet girl on the island lent me a bikini top for the day, and that night my bags arrived just in time for a shower before dinner.

Fijians have a great sense of letting things be, they will happen when they happen and there is no need to rush it. As much as I hated this nonchalant regard to time, I have come to embrace it. Everything will always work out in the end, and our problems are never as big as they seem at the time. It has been rather freeing to not stress about having everything follow my plan. I can relax in the knowledge that the best adventures happen when not everything goes to plan.

Next time you tell yourself to “hurry up” and get to your destination, remember Fijians don’t even have a word for hurry, so just relax, take a breath and enjoy the moment you are in, you will get where you are going soon enough.

I had to remember to tell myself that today as I attempted to make my first Final Cut Video. My Final Cut skills have a long way to go, but I can’t start anywhere else than where I am.

4 thoughts on “Living life on “Fiji time”

  1. In the virgin Islands the motto was “start slow–and taper off” and in Mexico, it’s “manana” time. I love island life for this slowed-down kind of living. We loved Figi too, years ago, arrived during a coup, very exciting.

    • That would have been a very interesting time to be in Fiji to say the least!
      I do like the Mexican motto, thanks for sharing it with me. I am going there in a fortnight so will keep it in mind.

  2. I used to live in Fiji and this is absolutely how it is! We never worried about time, we just did things when we were ready. Congrats on being freshly pressed, and I hope you get to cross everything off your list…good luck!

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