The world is yours

Tomorrow is the beginning of yet another travelling gypsy adventure, this time I’m wandering around Cuba with my Mum. Bring on the rum, cigars and vintage cars.

Although I have completed #5 (visit three new countries where english is not the native language) off my list, I figure there is always room for more travel. Besides anything worth doing, is worth doing well!

In the lead up to Cuba I prepared by watching the classic film Scarface. During summer Cinespia puts on movies in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, so a bunch of friends and myself setup an epic picnic infront of the huge screen to enjoy watching Tony Montana take over the world. Just a few days beforehand I had watched the film whilst sitting on a plane to LA. Nothing ever compares to seeing a movie on the big screen. To my surprise, of the 5 men that were there, only one of them had seen the movie before. Finally I had seen a classic film before someone else! Not only had they never seen it before, but they’re in the entertainment industry so its even more shocking that they hadn’t seen it. Im not ashamed to say this added to my sense of achievement.

One of the things I love most about picnics is the food and wine. Everyone brought a little something, so we got to see peoples different tastes. The food highlights for me were individual mini caprese salads on a stick, and proscuitto wrapped melon. I also learnt that Trader Joes Kettle Corn is DANGEROUS. Once that bag is opened there is no stopping, your hand will literally be

forced into the bag grabbing handfuls at a time, and be shoved into your mouth. We limited ourselves to a single bag for the group and at one point it had to be confiscated so that it was not finished before the movie had even begun. My favourite quote from the evening, not from the movie, was towards my male friends who were viewing Scarface for the first time.

You haven’t seen Scarface? You’re not a man. Give me your dick and you can have it back when the movie is over.

I am so excited to immerse myself in the rich culture that is Cuba, I have it all planned out. Two days from now I will be sipping on a mojito as we amble our way around the Havana Club museum. Then whilst smoking a cigar, we will walk through a factory and learn what makes Cuban cigars the best. Ernest Hemingway used to frequent a couple of bars around Havana, clearly I will need to have a few drinks at his local watering holes and hopefully I can pick up some of his writing skills in a Hemingway daiquiri. After all the drinking I definitely will not be driving but on my stumble home I’m certain to find a vintage 50’s car just waiting to have a photo shoot. And thats just the first day! After that we will be going to Santa Clara, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa for a full two weeks of shenanigans.

Cuba will be the end to an epic four months of gypsy travelling around the world, I have had a nictastic time, so much so I think the best way to end it would be with a new adventure – New York City!

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