All I want for christmas is a free flight home

I’ve been told, on more than one occasion, that I am a very lucky person. However I believe you create your own luck and with the help of a few people, I am about to do it again. At the end of November I met the Bulla Creamy Classic roving team in New York City who were finding Aussies abroad to enter in their competition. As soon as I heard the words “win return flights to Australia during the summer” I was in! Living abroad means that I don’t get to see my family very often, with flights being anywhere from $1500-$2000+ and having a never-ending list of places to visit, unfortunately, home seems further and further away. Within minutes of them telling about the competition I was recording a video entry with my epic reason for wanting to win – visiting Uluru.

Winning these flights would be a humongous kick-start on my rather epic 25 after 25 list, starting with #1 – Visit Uluru!  I can already picture it now, cooling off under the shade of Uluru with a great big tub of Bulla Creamy Classic (fingers crossed it is available out there). Not only can I picture it, I have also started to research and plan it. Bulla Creamy Classic is flying 4 people home to enjoy the Australian summer and being one of the four winners (speaking it into existence), I must take the travel before 28 February 2013. Before making the trip out to Uluru I am going to spend time in Brisbane with my family and friends. Whilst in Brisbane I’ll undoubtably have a huge party around the pool with everyone. Our pool has been known to host many amazing parties, two of my favourites include my Mum’s 60th and Australia Day in 2010.

Australia Day by the pool

Other things I will also be doing in Brisbane include:

  • Visiting my brother at his bar, The End
  • Catch up with my mates
  • Run around the Brisbane River (something I really miss doing)
  • Enjoy the Aussie Summer sun at the beach

Summer in Byron Bay

Then to Uluru! Visiting Ayers Rock, as it is also known as, has been on my travel list since I started writing a travel list many, many years ago. I have always felt embarrassed when people ask me if I have been to the most recognisable natural Australian landmark and I have to tell them no. For 20 years I lived with a World Heritage Site on my door step, so to speak, and never went. Enough is enough! I can’t wait to take a walking tour with someone from the Aṉangu community, the traditional inhabitants of the area. The guides explain about bush tukka, Aboriginal dreamtime, and the local flora and fauna. Not to mention all the wonderful photo opportunities I will come across on this adventure. As a solo traveler, from what I have found online, visiting Uluru is best done with a tour group. Groovy Grape Getaways has a great tour starting in Adelaide making its way up to Uluru lasting 7 days in total. On the tour from Adelaide up to Alice Springs I will:

  • Spend a night in the Flinders Range
  • Camp under the stars
  • Look for opals in Coober Pedy
  • Go through the worlds largest cattle station, Anna Creek
  • Watch the sunset/sunrise at Uluru
  • Hike the Valley of the Winds in Kata Tjuta
  • Swim in the Garden of Eden
  • Finish up in Alice Springs
  • Take way too many photos along the way on my new DSLR camera

Curiously Uluru actually has 5 different weather seasons, February falls in the Itjanu season when sporadic storms can roll in suddenly. Regardless it is still going to be super hot with temperatures between mid 30’s to mid 20’s (Celsius). I plan on covering every inch of my body from the suns harmful rays as my pasty white skin likes to go a wonderful cherry red in the sun. Do you have any recommendations for things that are not to miss or a must pack?


When I first entered the competition I was under the impression that the 4 people with the most votes win. The moment my entry went online my all my friends and family voted for me with vigor and determination; they placed me in the top 4. However after reading the T&C the number of votes an entrant has is not necessarily a determining factor. The winners will be “judged based on the most creative and original Video Entries”. My video may not have been very visually creative or original, however my reason that I offer for winning is the only one like it, and quite creative, I’d like to think. So now I am pondering how to overcome the lack of visual creativity and originality in my video. Judging does not take place until 2 January 2013 at the earliest, until then many of my mates have taken to connecting with Bulla Creamy Classic, via twitter (tag me @enjayelle) and/or Facebook (message or comments on wall posts), to let Bulla know they believe I have the most creative and original entry and they want me to win so they can follow my story as I blog about it here. I would love your support in this last push before judging.

I look forward to sharing my pictures and experiences from the great big rock with you soon!

** Uluru photo courtesy of

4 thoughts on “All I want for christmas is a free flight home

  1. umm Nicole, You may need to revise the temperature just a little. February is the HOTTEST month to be in the outback. Already a 14 yo Norwegian backpacker has died from dehydration in the outback just in the last week. Remember that you are coming from a climate that is below freezing to well above boiling.
    The average temeratures are usually between 38-47C and sometimes hte humidity can go off the scale. Odd for the desert but that is life!

  2. It may not be Xmas 2012 but Australia Day 2013 by the pool is possible. Hope Bulla Creamy Classics can help you create this luck for you.
    See you in the pool Australia Day 2013. S and E

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