A New Chapter

14 months, 500 hours, countless vinyasa, invaluable teaching, and many beautiful friendships have brought me here today. Today marks the last day of my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I am excited, happy, nervous, sad, and partly relieved that it is over.

Over the course of the last 14 months I have learnt so much more about yoga and myself than I could have ever imagined. I discovered that I am fiercely fascinated about anatomy and am already looking into further anatomy studies. It seems the saying “the more you know, the more you realise how much you don’t know”, is very true.

Now that the training is finished and I have my nights and weekends back. I am looking forward to a few things…

  1. I am now accepting brunch invitations. My friends, waffles, and cocktails before 2pm have missed me, and I to them. Any brunch, anytime, anywhere – count me in.
  2. Taking a holiday to a warmer climate for an undisclosed length of time. This winter has been ridiculously cold so far, and trying to heal hamstring attachment tendinopathy in this weather is futile. (More on injury management in a later post)
  3. Most importantly, I’m jumping out of my skin to start teaching again. Whilst completing my training I suspended my teaching schedule during my training so that I could properly dedicate all my love and energy into being a student. 

On the second last weekend of training a friend implored us, “don’t teach, share”. These three words resonated with me. Not only will I carry the sentiments through my life, and practice as a yoga teacher, but also through this blog. On this blog I aim to create a space where we can connect. I want to share my experiences of travel, yoga, and lifestyle (and sometimes a lack thereof) with you. Other than by my own self love, and the love from my family and friends, I’m not (financially) supported or sponsored by anyone, so my travel experiences I share are nitty gritty and real. I’ve had to be frugal and fund my own travels. I’ve found it is in travelling and being flighty that I oddly feel the most grounded. Having nothing but a bag on my back, and a passport in hand I can’t help but be present.

This is my svādhyāya. 

Join me as I share tips with you on how to pack, my journey with injuries, and how to yoga your way around the world.

With love and light


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