Mat Review: eKO SuperLite – My Favourite Travel Mat

I pack like a minimalist when I travel but I never leave home without a yoga mat. It is the first thing I unpack when I get to the hotel. There is nothing like getting a good post-flight stretch in. Unfortunately that means my cushy The Mat, by Lululemon at 5.8lbs, doesn’t really fall into the “packing light” category. There are a few different travel mats on the market, but my favourite is the eKO SuperLite Mat from Manduka. It is 1/5 the thickness of The Mat and folds up into a small handful. It is very versatile and adds less than two lbs to my bag.

eKO SuperLite eKO SuperLite

Brand: Manduka

Thickness: 1/16″ (about 1/5 the thickness of a standard studio mat.

Weight: ~1.98lb

Length: 68″ long, 24″ wide

Material: non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber that won’t fade or flake. 99% Latex free. No PVC, toxic plasticizers or harmful dyes

Biodegradable: Yes. Manduka used a blend of polyester and natural cotton for reinforcement which, when disposed of, will biodegrade without leaving behind a toxic residue.

Odor: It has a strong rubber smell off the shelf, but it dissipates after the first week of use.

Softness: Think “knees directly on the ground” when using this mat.

Stickiness: What this mat lacks in cushiness, it makes up for in stickiness. So far I’m yet to slip on this guy.

Durability: It has held out through some super sweaty sessions, countless vinyasas, and repeatedly being thrown into an embarrassingly disorganised bag.. After 3 months of regular use, it shows no signs of wear, but I will update everyone again on its condition at the one-year mark.

Pack-ability: The best I have come across – it is so light and malleable and I regularly throw it in my hand bag. The eKO SuperLite folds down to a tiny 10″ x 6″ x 4″

Price: $40 USD

eKO SuperLite I bought this mat on a whim when my local yoga studio was having a sale. “Do I really need another mat?” I thought to myself after the impulse purchase. Yes, yes I did need this mat. However I had no idea how much I needed this mat until I got off a flight in Dallas, and unpacked the tiny folded up mat from my carryon bag. No longer having to lug my huge The Mat around was a godsend! It has revolutionized the way I travel and pack for yoga classes in NYC.

 There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

~ Rumi

In my opinion the thinness of the mat allows for a better connection with the earth when used on firm ground. In the hotel, the carpet underneath the mat is soft enough that I don’t need extra support under my knees. In studio’s I use blankets for extra support under my knees. Lululemon’s UnMat is also designed for portability, but I prefer the eKO SuperLite for 3 reasons. The eKO Superlite is 1) slightly lighter by .44lbs, 2) it has better “fold-ability”, and 3)  comes in 10 different colours in comparison to UnMat’s 2 (black or red). Not to mention, this mat quells my inner-compulsiveness. I can fold up the eKO SuperLite mat in such a way that the side that touches the ground, never rolls or folds onto the side that I practice on.

The eKO SuperLite mat compliments my desire to live light, yet grounded. What is your experience?

eKO SuperLite

Namaste ॐ

2 thoughts on “Mat Review: eKO SuperLite – My Favourite Travel Mat

  1. I too use lululemon’s heavy mat regularly – I cycle 2 miles across town to my studio and I can feel every pound of it on my back. But like you I love it for its non-slippiness. Now I’m about to go travelling for a month and although my asana practice is really limited right now I can’t imagine not taking a mat with me. I have the lululemon travel mat which I got as a free giveaway. It’s fine as a surface. I wish it folded though!!

    • I love The Mat by Lululemon! But yes, it can be cumbersome to ride with, not to mention it doesn’t do any favours to our backs, especially if you’re like me and you wear it on the same side every time. I’ve tried the thin Lululemon mat once before, will have to use it again for a review! Have fun travelling and take care of that hamstring girl!

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