Meditation March

This year I have been creating a monthly focus for myself – January was Banuary, February was Funuary – which brings me to Meditation March. My current meditation practice is very sparse and sporadic, though it is forever on my many lists of things to do. Studies say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so by the end of March, my hope is that I would have well and truly solidified the habit with the extra 10 days. I’ve found that making the decision to follow a course of action once takes away the exhausting daily choice of whether or not I should do something; I’ve already decided I would.

Mornings are the most underutilised part of my day. Even though I start the day with a solid breakfast, I don’t feel settled and focused until after lunch. Can you tell my day is based around my belly? Then come 10pm and all the cogs are really firing; I’m ready to take over the world, but being a night owl is a whole other post. Two things I’ve found that increase my morning productivity levels are writing my daily to do list the night before, and practicing yoga (or exercising) and meditating in the morning. Writing my list the night before gives me clear direction for the next day, while moving my body and meditating in the morning helps to clear my mind.

When my VERY irregular meditation practice happens, this is what it looks like: Wake up, 3 alarms later I roll out of bed onto my yoga mat that I put out the night before. Lay on my heating pad in supta baddha konasana with all the pillows from my bed for 5-10mins. Roll around on some Yoga Tune Up, then practice some slow, low energy yoga for about 30 minutes. Then I’m ready to meditate without falling back to sleep, so I sit up and meditate for 5-10mins.

I could explain all the scientific benefits of meditation, but a simple google search will give you those answers. What I can offer though is the difference mediation makes me feel. A sense of calm comes over me, I feel at peace. I have more clarity of thought; there is less distraction and incessant disorganised thoughts streaming through my head. My body feels lighter, almost as if I’m floating. All of my senses have a more acute awareness, like my whole body has been cleansed and I am viewing the world through fresh eyes and ears. I would liken it to the feeling of taking a walk on a crisp, fresh spring day, which after living in the eternal NYC winter, I would love to recreate that feeling as often as possible.

The quieter you become, the more you hear.

~ Rumi

By creating one good habit in my life, others tend to follow suit. When I exercise regularly I make better food choices (this a challenge being injured). When I eat healthy, I usually have better sleeping hours. When I go to sleep earlier, I tend to journal before bed. It’s a positive snowball effect (which counterbalances the general negative snowing effect occurring in the NYC winter).

To ease into the month I am committing to two 5 minute meditations a day, ideally one in the morning and one before bed each night. From there I will slowly build up the time to two 20 minute meditations.

Oprah and Deepak Chopra have a free 21 day guided meditation series, Manifesting True Success, that starts on March 16th. I have registered for the series, which will help me continue my meditation practice after Meditation March is completed.

I would I encourage you to join me for either the whole Meditation March or Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s guided meditation series. I’m excited to see what other positive influences Meditation March will have in my life outside of developing productive mornings. Write down what you hope to achieve and we can go on this journey together.

With love and light


4 thoughts on “Meditation March

    • Write all the things down, work out what you can do today, and what you can plan for later. Start with small achievable steps.
      ‘Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.’ – Bill Gates

  1. Hi ya Nic,

    Good to see that you are getting into Yoga.

    You will have to tutor me whenever you get back home.



  2. Cheers pretty lady! I love reading about your journey, and today you made me laugh…A couple of months ago I embarked on the same journey but part of my goal is to involve my two little babes, now 2 and 4 on this path. Hmmm…how to get two toddlers to sit still and focus for even 2 minutes??? Ridiculous! Here’s how it goes…We start with the seed sound, I find seeds in their ears and then feed them to each other…so silly…then the three OHM’s…They think it’s hilarious as they chant AaaaaooooohhhhmmmmmmPOOPOO! I’ve been appalled at this…it’s supposed to be serious dammit!!! They throw crystals at each other, fight over the cushions, poke each other in the face…it goes on an on…Then we say a couple of short prayers together, each blow out a candle, kisses and bed. It feels like a total mess…and now we’ve been doing it every night for a couple of months and it recently occurred to me that this beautiful messy little routine is reminiscent of the inner struggle we have with our own silly brain, working to get it to just quiet down and sit…It may never feel like it perfectly settles into what an enlightened “meditation practice” should look like, but over time, I am seeing the benefit. It’s our moment to be together, they now count on it and it brings us together in a very special way. I think we need to cultivate this kind of intimacy with our own inner baby as well…so after they are asleep, I relight the candles, straighten the cushions, pick up the crystals…and sit with myself, which seems like such a sweet reward at the end of a long day. Mwah!

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