25 Lists

In September of 2011 I met someone at a party who was endeavoring to complete 25 things by 25. I absolutely loved the idea and jumped on it in an attempt to push away a quarter-life-crisis from happening on my 25th birthday. How often do we make a list of things we would like to do, be, or have by a certain time and ever actually do any of it? Blogging seemed like the perfect way to make sure I tick things off the list, my pride was at stake! My 24th year in this universe, was the most fun, joyous, adventure filled year I’d ever had. I made friends in 5 countries I’d never been to before, made a short film, saved a heap of money, caught up on loads of classic movies; all in all I completed over half my list, but most importantly I refound my passion, travel.

After my 25 by 25 year I wanted to continue the journey, but with less pressure of having to do it all within one year. 25 after 25 was born, and thankfully I don’t have to do it all in one year because visiting all 193 countries in one year is a little much, even for an adventurist like me!


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