About Nicollé Joy

Nicollé Joy is an eternally wanderlust yogi. At the age of 19 Nic left Australia in search of adventure and new experiences. While she will always call Australia home, her travels so far have taken her through Europe, the US and Latin America, to New York. Today she lives on the road, traveling full-time. Along the road Nicollé fell in love with yoga and hasn’t looked back since.

Originally created as a way to hold herself accountable for completing a daunting list of 25 exciting adventures by the time she turned 25, this blog is now home to her yoga, travels, and experiences.

She is most inspired by her Mum’s eternal youth, and childlike curiosity for the world. Her most influential yoga teachers include Ruah Bhay, Laurel Beversdorf, Stephanie Carey, Patrick Beach, Carling Harps, and Jodie Rufty.

Today Nicolle practices yoga all over the world, with teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. Having struggled with her own body issues (multiple open heart surgeries and scoliosis) Nicollé guides her students through playful and alignment based instruction to find love, joy and acceptance within their own bodies. In the future she would like catch a sunrise and sunset in all 193 countries and become a certified Yoga Tune Up® Therapist, to further her curiosity about the movement of the human body.

When Nicolle is not on her yoga mat or a plane, she is most likely to be found at the beach, either rolling in the sand like a child or frolicking in the waves. She has always had an affinity with the beach and was probably a mermaid in a past life.

On this blog you will find photographs, tips, and techniques for yogi travellers that Nicollé learnt through experience on her own travels.

Join Nicollé on a journey through her heart and around the globe!

Namaste ॐ




7 thoughts on “About Nicollé Joy

  1. Hey Nic its Sarah Jean 🙂 I didnt know you did a blog until I saw your post on freshly pressed. CONGRATS! Thats so great and will help with followers for sure. I’ve been doing my fussy blog since Feb and I love it. Blogging is so fun! Anyway, big congrats. Have fun on your travels, see u soon! xx

    • SJ! Awesome that you found me on FP. I have been blogging since November last year, I rather enjoy it! I’ve seen your blog too, it is pretty rad! Hope to see you soon xx

  2. Hi there – I like the sound of your lists – rather than a bucket list they’re more like a live-a-lot list. Go for it. Thanks for deciding to follow my blog – I hope you’ll join me again soon. 🙂

  3. Hello N, I’m so glad you stopped my blog, enabling me to find yours, love what I’ve dipped into so far, and looking forward to more. You have a vibrant joyful tone in your blogs – gurss that’ll be the Aussie in you!

    • Hi BabyCrow, I feel the same regarding yours blog! Very much looking forward to reading more of your writing. Hope the hamstring is healing well – I’m working through a hamstring injury at the moment also.

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