The happiness of Joy

Happiness. It is (almost) everyone’s ultimate goal in life. I find this is true in my own life also. But to be more specific, what I desire most is an undercurrent of joy flowing throughout my life and body in every moment. Joy is my name after all.

I, along with many millions of people, spend countless hours reading, learning and testing about what brings the most joy into my life. In life, it is easy to be happy when the sun is shinning and life is swell, but what about on those dark days when life doesn’t go so according to plan and the Dementors are out in force?

Grumy Cat Dementor

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Born a Miracle Baby with a Happy Heart I’m Thankful to Turn 25

25 years ago to the date, my Mum was pushing hard to squeeze out a chubby bubby who had decided to hibernate in her belly for an extra week. At exactly 6:55am on this day, a cheeky 9lb 6oz baby entered the world; me! Since then, though I see myself as perfectly normal, many people have called me a miracle baby. Whilst we should be thankful everyday, not just on Thanksgiving, on my 25th birthday today I am especially thankful that I am alive, healthy and loving living life to the max. This is the story of my “miracle” life.

Not long after I was born, my Mum who was a nurse, noticed there was something not quite right with me (other than my killer good looks at only 2 hours old). Continue reading