Failing forward into 2013

2012 is my biggest year of failure to date. There is a long, long list of things I did not do, or started to do and didn’t finish. Last year I had set out to carry out 25 things by the time I turned 25, yet only completed a measly 14 of them. If it were a high school exam I would have received an F. FailI failed 2012. I even failed at writing this post; I started writing it in October last year but could never find the words, or more importantly courage to admit to anyone that I failed (the 25 by 25 officially finished on my birthday, November 23). With just one look at my blog, my failure was obvious; I had crossed things off my list as I did them and there were not many items with a black line through them. Continue reading

Getting into the Christmas spirit à la New York City

Please Press Play 

Christmas Window at Lord and Taylor

Today is Christmas Eve, in a few short hours the big man in the red suit will fly around the world delivering gifts to children everywhere, regardless if they are on the naughty or nice list; I speak from experience on this one. As this is my first Christmas living in New York City I’ve attempted to soak up as much of the Christmas spirit as possible, which is not hard with ice rinks and fairy lights popping up everywhere. After Thanksgiving this city turns into a magical, winter wonderland, with the finishing touch of snow hopefully coming on Christmas Day. There is a long, long list of the magical things to do in New York City during this time, and while I would have loved to have done them all, I also moved apartments this month (more on that later), so did a few that tickled my fancy. Continue reading

Come on Sandy, what’s the matter with you?

Today I was planning on sharing photos of the beautiful children I met in Cuba, instead Sandy happened. Yesterday before the storm hit I took a stroll outside to see the city I love so much, before destruction would hit her. Continue reading